Collect What’s Owed to You Without the Headache

You work hard treating clients and running your business; you deserve to maximize your compensation.

You might not realize it but the solvency of your business runs through your billing operations. Do you trust your biller enough to put the success of your business in their hands? Are they aggressively pursuing all claims and invoices? Are you spending your valuable time and money overseeing your billing operations? Or even worse, are you not overseeing your billing operations at all?

Billing & Accounts Receivable

With our billing services, you will gain a trusted partner and a billing process built to maximize your revenue, starting when a patient schedules their appointment until full payment is received. We pursue every dollar owed and help ensure you comply with all CMS and commercial payer requirements. Our billing services are tailored to:

  • Create minimal disruptions to your operations
  • Capture the maximum payment for services
  • Protect you against payer recoupments and/or penalties
  • Provide you with resources to grow your business
  • Keep you up to date on payer requirements


Working with Solvent Practice Solutions has allowed me to focus on my clients and do what I do best. Knowing everything is taken care of billing-wise has made being in private practice much less stressful and more of the joy it’s meant to be. Brett and his team are responsive, focused, and so knowledgeable!

Susan, Susan Martin Therapy and Wellness

Your service has allowed me to focus on why I became a social worker; to heal people and not necessarily to bill insurances. I’m so grateful for your dedication in what you do and how efficient you are. Thank you

Elizabeth, Utopia Counseling Services

Hiring Brett was one of the best investments we have made in our practice. His billing services allows us to focus on our clinical work with clients. Highly recommend!

Bethany, You Counseling

Billing Features

We utilize your existing billing systems and EHRs – whether it’s Simple Practice, TherapyNotes, TheraNest, or one of the other numerous EHRs.

Our billing services are more than just submitting claims and monitoring payments. We offer a comprehensive approach to billing that supports you in all aspects of your business. Our billing services include:

  • Negotiating higher rates with insurance companies
  • Staff/Clinician consultations on service codes and fees
  • Front desk staff training on proper billing and collections
  • Credentialing assistance
  • Billing policies & procedures, including policies on when/how you can wave member co-pays and deductibles
  • Monitoring of authorized units
  • Assistance with authorization requests
  • Protections against payer recoupments and penalties
  • Support with payer audits
  • Ad hoc consultations

Billing Fees

Our billing rates range from 5.0 – 8.0% of your collected payments, with no up-front costs. We tailor our services to meet your needs.

You may be wondering if it’s worth it to outsource billing.

Our service pays for itself. You can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars through inadequate billing (we’ve seen it). It’s easy to lose track of unpaid services and even easier to sweep them under the rug. If your in-house billing doesn’t have the knowledge and abilities to manage various billing nuances, those finicky claims won’t likely get paid, nor will they ever get noticed.

Should you hire in-house or find somebody local?

Staff turnover not only costs you money, but also induces levels of stress that are best to avoid. You’re pitted with finding the right person quickly and hiring the right person that you can trust with your agency’s finances. Then after you hire someone, hours of training and oversight are required. Are you situated to handle a significant lull in revenue plus capable of hiring and training new employees?

Is there somebody cheaper I can use?

Anybody can submit an insurance claim and post a payment. But not everybody can advise you on issues like handling insurance audits, coding crisis and extended therapy services, updating you on payer notifications, advising on credentialing, and meeting with you whenever you like to ensure you are at peace with your operations. We advise you on nearly every angle of your operations, and if there’s something we don’t know, we will find out for you.

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