Trusted Execution of Your Insurance Credentialing

Have an expert handle your insurance credentialing so you can focus on clients


Our credentialing services start with advising on the credentialing processes and turnaround times. Our guidance is tailored to you based on your location and licensure type. In our experience, providers vastly underestimate the time it takes to get credentialed, which quickly impacts business. Don’t get stuck waiting on insurance companies to process your insurance applications. We utilize CAQH to complete all credentialing applications within five business days from request.


It's my first time running a solo practice. Brett and Solvent [Practice] Solutions have been instrumental in getting the practice running and priming me for success. They've truly gone above and beyond and even helped with tasks outside their usual scope.

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I have been working with Solvent Practice Solutions LLC since I started my private practice in 2021.  Brett has proved highly competent in providing the billing and credentialing services I needed during the rapid growth my practice has experienced, in addition to providing emotional support in my dealings with insurance companies.

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I am so grateful for Brett and Solvent Solutions!  They have taken away the stressful, time consuming tasks of billing, credentialing and collection that can seem overwhelming to our already busy schedule.

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Credentialing Features

Whether you are a large agency with multiple providers or a solo provider, we are experts in efficient credentialing, from Medicare and Medicaid to commercial insurances and EAPs. We submit applications timely and maintain constant communication with insurance companies to ensure quick processing, while also keeping you notified of all credentialing progress.

Understanding the importance of credentialing and its impacts on your business is vital to the success of your business. The main reason we see agencies fail when doing their own credentialing is a lack of understanding and urgency, resulting in lost revenue by not being able to bill insurance. Did you know you might be able to get paid for services before you are fully credentialed?

We also provide education on insurance rules so you know how to get paid and have peace of mind that you are operating in compliance with all insurance regulations.


A variety of factors come into play when looking at credentialing costs. Instead of charging our highest rate per payer like other credentialing companies, we wish to find out your situation before offering a quote. Credentialing can be as simple as requesting an updated contract, in which case you shouldn’t have to pay the same amount as when we’re completing credentialing documents.

Reach out to us today to obtain a quote specific to your needs. The costs below are based on one provider per payer.

Commercial Insurers: $100-$175

Federal Payers: $200-$250

Medicaid: Varies depending on the state

You may be thinking that you should do credentialing yourself.

We’ve done a lot of credentialing, and we understand the stress involved. Doing it yourself will cause many headaches trying to understand all the credentialing intricacies and taking time out of your day to follow up with applications as necessary.

You may be thinking that you can have an employee do credentialing.

Until you’re credentialed, you will not receive in-network rates. Inefficient credentialing could force you to pay providers for months without the providers being able to bill insurance companies, losing you thousands of dollars. Do you have an employee who knows credentialing or has time to learn on your buck?

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